British Gas fined

Customers who gas off against British Gas are poorly treated by the energy giant according to Ofgem, which has issued British Gas with a fine for their failure to handle complaints seriously and fairly.

The regulator found that British Gas £2.5m fine is the largest ever issued by Ofgem for customer service issues, although it has given larger fines in the past for other matters.

Sarah Harrison, who works for Ofgem's sustainable development department, said: 'Today's finding highlights basic failures in British Gas' customer service, particularly in dealing with some of its small business customers, and shows Ofgem's commitment to use its powers to ensure suppliers treat customers fairly and transparently.

She added: 'We warned the industry in March that we would be backing up our plans to reform the retail market with a tough approach to enforcement. This £2.5m fine against British Gas, and the other £10m of fines imposed on the energy industry so far this year, sends a clear message to energy companies that they must abide by the rules.'

British Gas has hit back at Ofgem, calling the fine 'disproportionate'. Meanwhile Ofgem is also investigating Npower and EDF Energy for how they handle their complaints.

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