Brits don't donate

Over a third of Britons do not donate to anything towards humanitarian aid, a new report claims.

The study found that our cousins in France, Belgium and Germany are all more likely to stump up cash following a natural disaster. Just one in seven Brits gives more than £50 a year, while 30 percent were sceptical about where their money would go.

Nicholas Rutherford of AidEx, the global humanitarian aid event which commissioned the research, said: 'These are worrying yet unsurprising findings.

'There has always been a certain level of scepticism around the delivery of aid following humanitarian crises but this has not often been directly linked to actual donations, or indeed lack of them.

'It's not an easy issue to address as with every high-profile disaster comes speculation over how money is being spent, but steps are certainly being taken to achieve greater transparency in the sector.'

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