Broadband 'slower and twice as expensive' in the country

On average, broadband users in the best areas pay £8.40 per month, whereas in the least well served areas, users pay an average of £16.26, according to price comparison website Simplifydigital.com.

And most of the expensive postcodes tend to be rural areas, with many, according to website chief Charles Ponsonby, some of the 'poorest areas in the UK.'

'Customers [in the affected areas] are faced with paying more money for slower average broadband speeds,' he said.

'Our research starts to quantify what many of us already know, namely that the price of broadband varies depending on where you live. The variations are very significant, with those of us unlucky enough to live in the poorest served postcodes faced with bills over twice as high as those in the best served areas.'

In urban areas, broadband is usually better because companies can install their own equipment in telephone exchanges. The greater competition also tends to drive down prices. And with the distance to the exchange generally shorter in urban areas, speeds tend to be higher.

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