BT price plans to include mobile calls

BT is to up the ante in the phone provider wars by offering mobile phone calls as part of a set price ‘all you can eat’ phone package.

It plans to beat its own pence per minute rates on mobile phones by getting customers to pay a set monthly bill for all calls, including mobiles.

Regulator Ofcom is looking to slash ‘mobile termination rates’ that make up the lionshare of the cost of a mobile telephone call. The measures aim to cut the average rates from 4.3p per minute to 0.5p per minute.

Which the new regulations nearing implementation, BT is getting ready to steal a march on the competition with their new plans.

'We're already working on the options and if we get the right final decision we will make this package available as soon as we can after Ofcom's announcement,' said a spokesman.

Expect other fixed-line providers to follow suit.

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