Everything you need to know about buddies pet insurance

If you own a cat or a dog then you will know only too well that food and water are the least expensive factors of owning an animal. Vets bills can be astronomical, even for basic treatments such as worming and nails clipped. Having pet insurance can take the worry out of unexpected vet expenses if your cat or dog is suddenly injured or falls ill. Buddies pet insurance prides itself on providing insurance policies to suit the individual animal and owner.

Buddies pet insurance is underwritten by one of the largest insurance providers in the world. Being underwritten means that if the company was to fold, a person's pet policy would still exist and be backed by the insurer. Buddies has four levels of cover, value, bronze, silver and gold. The Value cover covers up to £1,000 in vet bills, cover for up to 12 months for an ongoing condition and 30-days travel insurance if you decide to take your pet out of the country.

The Gold policy offered by Buddies pet insurance is much more comprehensive than the value, and offers everything a concerned owner would need. As well as covering up to £6,500 in vets bills, ongoing conditions are covered indefinitely. The one thing the gold policy offers that no other policy does is you can receive £500 for an accidental damage claim, which is on top of your vet expenses. This is if your dog becomes ill or injured as the result of an accident caused by yourself or a third party. You can also receive up to £1,000 for kennel boarding fees with the gold policy, so you know your dog is being looked after while you are away on holiday.

Buddies pet insurance will cover any cat or dog under the ages of 9-years and 11-years old respectively. Your pet must be at least 8-weeks old for Buddies to insure them and castration and spaying is not covered in any of the policies available.

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