Budget airlines target toddlers with extra charges

Budget airlines are always trying to claw money from you while making it look as though they're giving you a good deal. The lack of transparency with which they operate is infuriating to many, and now we can expect increased ticket prices for infants too.

Fares for infants have risen by a third in a year, and some airlines are charging young toddlers twice the price of an adult seat – even if they do not have a seat of their own!

Website travelsupermarket.com has found that easyjet and Jet2 increased their ticket prices from a flat £15 each way last year to £20 in 2011.

And while Ryanair offers in some cases fares of £9.99 each way, the minimum cost for an infant on a flight is £20 each way.

Always check the small print of your flight operator, as now most airlines are hitting parents with charges for their small infants, even if they are under two and do not have their own seat.

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