A guide to budget car insurance

Why budget car insurance?

If you don't budget for your car insurance, chances are, you can be paying much higher than you need to. Do you know that there are over 50 top insurance providers in the UK? The total number of providers is even higher than that. This should show you how competitive the insurance sector of the financial services really is and why it isn't surprising that rates can vary a lot.

How to get your quotes

If you shop and compare systematically, there is no need to be intimidated. Start by getting instant online quotes through one or two insurance broker sites. You can typically get over a hundred quotes from a single broker. Besides, you will only need to fill up the form once when you deal with a broker. If you go directly to the providers, be prepared to spend the time it takes to get your quotes. You should be comparing many more than just a few quotes.

How do you compare?

Eliminate the providers stage by stage. You should be able to do this quickly in the initial stages. Then create a spreadsheet programme to make a comparison table or try searching for a template online. Only key in information from providers whom you find relevant.

How do you finalise the list?

When your list is really pruned, it is time to finalise the matter by making appointments with the providers. Do this over the phone for quick results and don't be shy to ask for clarification where necessary.

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