How to Find The Best Budget Travel Holidays in Britain

Budget travel holidays have often been promoted as the poor relation to the hot destinations such as Spain and other European destinations. However, a holiday is what you make it and there is no reason why you cannot have just as much fun in Britain as you would in an overseas destination.

Holiday cottages are among the most cost-effective budget travel holidays for families or groups over four. However, where you choose to stay will have a large effect on the price. For example, holidaying in a cottage in Cornwall will be considerable more expensive than staying in a similar cottage in South Yorkshire. The Lake District offers beautiful scenery and plenty of outdoor activities for a relatively good price. Cottages4u offer a cottage in Windermere for £534. This is based on four sharing for seven days in July. Just down the road, in Grange-Over-Sands, a similar cottage will set you back around £450.

Another thing to consider when looking for budget travel holidays is the amount of money you will need to take in the attractions around you. Eating out and keeping yourself entertained will all end up costing money, so it is best to budget for this before you book. Financial expert MartinLewis' Moneysaving Expert website, is full of ideas and special offers on how you can save money at a number of attractions across the country. There are a number of vouchers to claim free swimming, free tennis lessons as well as tickets to see a variety of National Trust parks.

With the average family car costing around £90 to fill up,using public transport can be a cost-effective, fun alternative. Check out bus or tram routes before you travel and you will have an idea how you can get around when you are there. Budget travel holidays are a great way to save money, without the family having to miss having a good time.

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