Building grants for green housing developments

As consumers, we all have obligations to reduce the amount of carbon emissions and save our planet. Building sustainable housing or making current homes more energy efficient are just two ways that homeowners can do this, though a lot of projects need financial aid to complete. Are you looking to improve your home and help the environment at the same time? Green building grants could be exactly what you need. Grants for sustainable development and improvements to energy efficiency can be offered by a number of sources e.g. the U.K. Government, DEFRA.

For a number of years it has been possible to get grant schemes that encourage both communities and individuals to develop projects that promote sustainable living and conservation of wildlife at the same time. Applicants can apply for sustainable development grants that will cover a maximum of 75% of the project cost; from a few hundred pounds to several thousands. National Parks have supported projects through sustainable grants e.g. those that involve harvesting rainwater, developing eco-buildings, wood burning central heating systems as well as a variety of others.

As well as funding the development of new eco-buildings and ways to save energy, it is also possible to get grants to cover existing homes. There are grants offered in conjunction with a range of utility companies to cover the costs of installing features like wall cavity insulation, draught proofing, energy efficient boilers and loft insulation. Householders could also apply for grants to cover microgeneration technology installation in a wide range of properties, as part of a low carbon building scheme.

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