What is the difference between building home insurance and content insurance

When purchasing insurance for your home, you will notice there are two different types of insurance, Building insurance and content insurance. These two offer different types of cover although it is possible to purchase a policy that has building home insurance and content insurance combined. This is known as a dual policy and the one most recommended to homeowners.

Building insurance covers your property. The policy will cover the cost of damage caused by adverse weather, vandalism and any other damage. Of course, the more basic policies do not cover as much, which is why it is advisable to read the small print when looking for the best policy. You should really have a buildings insurance policy that covers the cost of a rebuild of your home in the event it is destroyed or demolished.

Contents insurance insures your belongings and valuables in the event of robbery and accidental damage. Again, what is covered depends on the individual policy. If you have a high amount of valuable amounts, such as jewellery and antiques, it is even more important you check you have adequate contents insurance.

Buying a dual policy that covers both building home insurance and content insurance means you will be covered for virtually every possible disaster. This is the most popular type of policy and while premiums are obviously higher, it is cheaper to buy a policy that combines the two than having to buy the two individually. Depending on your living arrangements you may have to check if the policy includes liability insurance, while the average homeowner can have this type of cover, it is most popular with landlords or hotel owners.

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