Factors affecting Building Indemnity Insurance Quotes

Currently there are no guidelines for indemnity insurance costs, except that the payment made is always a one-off fee. Unlike other forms of insurance, finding building regulations indemnity insurance quotes is a little harder; there aren't many comparison sites out there or well-advertised solicitors, as most companies prefer not be named when providing indemnity insurance.

As part of the building regulations indemnity insurance quote you should expect to pay for a liability search, which costs around £15. This isn't always necessary but it will tell you if the part of the proper was built without regulations. You don't need to apply for a liability search with an indemnity insurance provider.

In all cases you cannot receive any building regulations indemnity insurance quotes, or apply for indemnity insurance, if a local authority has already been made aware that building work was carried out without regulations. Knowingly supplying false information in this area will make your indemnity policy invalid and you will not be financially covered if a local authority takes enforcement on you.

The indemnity insurance may also be subject to additional fees from the insurance company. Always shop around when looking for building regulations indemnity insurance quotes, as some companies won't charge any fees and will only ask for the one-off payment. Companies that do charge a fee may be offering additional professional advice or services, so don't be put off by a company that adds a few fees on top of the bill.

The condition of the property and building work should not normally affect the building regulations indemnity insurance quotes your receive. Cover is provided against the financial losses associated with local authority enforcement; you're not covered under any other circumstances, such as unsafe work carried out or future repairs.

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