Building Insurance

A lot of people don't realise that with building insurance you can actually claim back on loss of rent. So if you have a particularly nasty group of tenants who have skipped on the rent, you don't have to be left out of pocket. Sound like a familiar situation? Then head over to the quinn-direct website and get it sorted today.

The benefits of building insurance with these guys will really make you consider taking out a policy. They boast a claims excess of only £125 and once you pass the over 50's bracket you automatically qualify for a discount. This is handy extra cash saved in a crisis. Speaking of crises, if a fire were to happen in your building, Quinn-Direct will cover you for all fire brigade charges too.

Still not convinced? The last way to coax you into getting insured is their 24hr emergency help line. If the house floods due to a burst pipe, or a problem with the electrics this number will instantly connect you to on call plumbers and electricians in your area. Where humanly possible, they will arrive before problems have time to develop into something unfixable.

Check out Quinn Direct, click the quote now button and see if they are the provider for you.

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