Why to opt for Building Regs Indemnity Insurance

According the Building Act 1984, any work involves the design, construction, alterations (including loft conversions and extensions) or additional fittings to a home must be carried out according to building regulations. Building regulations ensure the work is carried out safely and does not affect neighbours or other parts of the property negatively; it is also desirable when selling a home, as most buyers won't purchase a home without some form of building regulation on new building work or building regs indemnity insurance.

However, lack of building regulations don't suggest that all work carried out is unsafe. Sometimes homeowners push the building work to go a head without opting for building regulations.

Lack of Building Regulations Consequences

If a property was built 12 months ago without building regulations then a local authority has the right to request changes to the building work or complete destruction of the building. If you don't have building regs indemnity insurance you'll be liable to pay all legal fees and all other costs associated with local authority enforcement.

Applying for Building Regs Indemnity Insurance

You can't apply for building regs indemnity insurance if the work was carried out less than 12 months ago. You also can't apply if a local authority is already aware of lack of regulations. However, if you do met the criteria for building regs indemnity insurance you'll pay a considerably cheap one-off fee which covers the house over its lifetime, transferred from owner to owner. If you want to sell your home but didn't have building regulations for some work carried out an indemnity insurance can be a safety net for the buyer, should a local authority choose to address the issue.

Financial Cover

Building regs indemnity insurance only offers financial cover, protecting you from incurring legal costs, labour costs of alterations or loss of value to a home. It won't stop a local authority from placing enforcement on you and is not a quick fix, but instead a financial safety net for homeowners at risk of losing money from lack of building regulations.

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