Is Bulldog car insurance right for you? We examine what they've got on offer

Based out of Forest Park in Georgia, Bulldog car insurance have been offering some of the best auto insurance deals to the metropolitan area surrounding Atlanta area for almost 30 years now.

In the car insurance industry you don't last for that long unless you've got something good to offer your customers, and for that reason it's worth taking them very seriously as an option when you're due to renew your policy.

The promise of Bulldog Insurance is to stop at nothing to find you the very best insurance policy that to suit your budget. This is made possible by the fact that their sales agents insist on going above and beyond the call of duty to learn as much about your needs as possible by actually listening to what your main concerns and requirements are, and then finding the right policy to suit them.

If the personal touch sounds like something that would appeal to you, and why wouldn't it given the dreadful sales assistant that is often found within the insurance industry, then you should check out their website at www.bulldoginsurance.com. Before you do however, we'd like to give you a run through some of what they offer.

Carrying policies from nationally renowned insurance companies including AAA Insurance, American Century Casualty, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Berkshire, Infinity, Farmers, Zurich, Lloyds, GMAC, Safeway, Progressive, National Indemnity, Permanent General, Pacific Life and Colony so you needn't worry about receiving a sub standard insurance policy when the time comes to sign.

If you're impressed with what they've got to offer you, they also have business liability and home owner's policies to try to entice you to make the switch to Bulldog permanent.

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