Where to get the best business contents insurance

Premises insurance is usually the first thing that business owners sign up for to provide protection for the physical structure of their office or warehouse. Unfortunately, that is the extent of what it can do for you. If you are worried about the contents within your company’s premises, you will need to sign up for business contents insurance as well.

Office Insurance from AXA

At axa-insurance.co.uk, different types of insurance are available for business. What will probably best fit your needs would be the company’s Office Insurance package, which provides standard coverage not just for contents, but also for employers’ public liability, business interruption and legal expenses.

Optional features for office insurance include coverage for computer breakdowns, damage caused by terrorism, subsidence, buildings, theft by employees and other risks you want to specify.

You can get an online quote right away, and if you proceed with the application, you will be able to avail of a maximum of 10% discount.

Shops and Salons Insurance from Barclays

At barclays.co.uk, business insurance is divided according to the nature of your business. There is insurance specifically for the self-employed. They also have insurance policies especially designed for pubs, rental properties, offices, clinics and more.

If you are operating a salon or any kind of shop, Barclays also have a business contents insurance package especially designed for your type of business. Annual coverage will include cover for up to £1,500 worth of cash or money stored in your office’s locked safe, and up to £2,500 for monies in transit. There is also coverage for business interruption, as well as public, employers’, and product liability, and, lastly, commercial legal protection.

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