What You Can Get from a Business Credit Card

A business credit card is an additional way for a company to obtain additional capital or operating funds. Similar to application processes for personal credit cards, companies will first have to provide documentary proof of their income, which will then determine how much credit limit a bank will extend to them.

Apply at HSBC

You can do so online by visiting the bank’s website at business.hsbc.co.uk. This credit card type is, however, only eligible for businesses with current accounts with HSBC. Special features of this card include a maximum of 56 days of spending without being charged with interest, as well as online account management. Card transactions may also be viewed and performed by phone, in person or by text.

If a company proves to be ineligible for a credit card, they can apply for a business debit card instead.

Apply at AMEX

At americanexpress.com/uk/nectar, companies may learn about the various benefits they get to enjoy if they have a Nectar business credit card. For starters, reward points may be collected if the cardholder presents his or her credit card together with a loyalty card from Nectar. Moreover, 1 GBP may be equivalent to up to 4 reward points. APR is also at 19.9%, and flexible options are available for repayment, which also includes a similar interest-free offer of spending for up to 56 days. This card also does not charge the user with an annual fee and may be used to perform international transactions that require receipt or payment of foreign currency.

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