Where to Find Business Funding Grants in UK

Business funding grants are typically offered by offices of the government to individuals, groups or local communities who wish to put up a small business. In most cases, these small businesses have proven benefits for the society or local community as well.

There are, however, cases as well when grants are offered by the usual banks and finance companies that you approach when you need to obtain a loan or any other kind of financial assistance. An example of this is Small Businesses Finance UK (smallbusinessesfinance.co.uk).

Business Link at businesslink.gov.uk

This is the best website to visit if you are looking for grants that are specifically designed to help individuals like you put up your dream business. All grants described on this site are directly or indirectly offered by the UK government. There are many types of business grants that you’ll find on this site, and two of them have been listed below.

  1. Grants for Business Investments – Grants for business investments or GBI provide existing business owners with the individuals to purchase key assets for the business. These may be equipment or machinery needed for manufacturing the products that the business sells, or the building or warehouse they need for their offices or inventory. It can also be used to help create new opportunities for employment, as well as to provide additional protection for existing jobs offered by the business.
  2. Solutions for Business – Business funding grants offered under this category are designed to provide overall financial support for the company. Eligible businesses may be able to use such funds for paying all start-up costs, as well as to provide the necessary funds for additional training for employees or even for taking advantage of opportunities abroad.

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