Helping business to get a loan or small business overdraft

Each of the UK’s four major high street banks provide specialist overdrafts and loans for businesses. These have different rates to the equivalent personal loans.


There are lots of other financial options that a business can get aside from a loan or small business overdraft. Commercial mortgages from Barclays are bank rate linked or fixed rate. Companies can borrow up to 70% of the property’s value and capital repayment holidays are available. If your business is letting, Barclays offer buy to rent mortgages with the same terms as their commercial mortgages.


Business banking from Natwest can help a company get off the ground. It can also help to keep an existing business afloat or offer a company the money it needs to expand. Each of Natwest’s 3000 locally based Relationship Managers are independently accredited to ensure they understand the challenges businesses face. They offer advice and guidance to new businesses as well as a range of financial services like loans, overdrafts and mortgages.


Like Natwest, they understand how to help small businesses get off the ground. In 2010 Lloyds approved 80% of all business loan and overdraft applications. In the same year they also helped 110,000 businesses to open their doors.


HSBC offer small business loans of between £1,000 and £25,000. Interest rates and repayment amounts are fixed for the life of the loan and you can defer the first payment for three months.

Final Word

Competition between banks can lead to good deals for small businesses, so shopping around can have its advantages. But sticking with one bank can help a business to develop.

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