Finding Available Business Grants Bridlington

Although business grants are usually hard to find and often harder to qualify for, business grants Bridlington may help you with your business. There are sources that offer business grants if you are in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council area. Bridlington is one of the few towns with Renaissance status and consequently, the city is making concerted efforts to improve the look and economy here.

Grants from the Bridlington Town Council

A number of grants for a small business start up or improvement are available through the Bridlington Town Council. The grants are a maximum of £500 per annum. To qualify for these grants you must show that your business will provide a benefit to the residents in the area and that the benefits are equal to the amount of the grant. These rules are set forth in the Local Government Act of 1972.

Grants Available from the Bridlington Free Town Press

In addition to the town council grants, the Bridlington Free Town Press offers grants to clubs and charity organizations. The grants are given to only nine organizations each year and are in the amount of £150 per annum. Eligibility for these grants also requires a benefit to the local community.

Making an Application for a Grant

In order to have a chance at qualifying for any of these grants you must, of course, first apply. Getting information about the grants and applications can be done by contacting the Bridlington Town Council at www.bridlington.gov.uk, and the Free Town Press www.bridlingtonfreepress.co.uk. They can provide you with all the details, dates and paperwork required for making your application for business grants Bridlington.

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