Locating Business Grants Conwy and Surrounding Areas

The majority of the available business grants Conwy come from the Conwy County Borough Council. The Conwy County Borough Council offers two types of grants: business support grants of up to £1000, and a local investment fund that provides grants of £1000 to £10,000 to small and medium sized businesses.

Conwy Supporting Business Grants

These grants are for the purpose of new business openings or supporting current businesses with grants of up to £1000. The grants can be used for buying capital equipment, for the creation and purchase of materials for marketing and also for specialised training of personnel. Whether you are looking for business set up grants or help with your current business you will find eligibility information online at ecodev@conwy.gov.uk.

Local Investment Fund

These grants are for small to medium size businesses. The grant amounts run from £1000 to £10,000 and will provide funding of up to 40% of a project’s cost.

The major requirements for application are that the business employ less than 250 people and have a monetary turnover of less than €50 million. The project must have the goal of the creation of new jobs, sustaining current jobs, or the introduction of new products.

Making an Application

The grants are managed by the Regeneration Services of Conwy and information about grants and applications can be obtained through their office or on the Internet. You will be provided with all the information you need regarding the availability of business grants Conwy and the requirements for making an application.

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