What type of business grants in London are available to me?

When looking for new business grants in London, you will find it to be a long process. The key is getting your application in at the earliest possible stage, whilst there is still plenty of funding. Most grants come from your local authorities.

They have a number of independent bodies set up to deal with the issuing of small business grants. You should make aware to the awarding body that you are dependent on the grant and your project cannot succeed without their financial help. We will now outline a number of different grants that are available for new projects in London.

Princes Trust - If you are unemployed and aged between 18 and 30, you can avail of the Princes Trust. They can offer you low interest loans and grants of up to £1,500.

London Innovation - They offer two year funding packages from the LDA to support new business ideas. Grants of up to £30,000 are available under a number of schemes. Visit london-innovation.org.uk.

Small Firms Loan Guarantee - If you need a guarantor for approved lenders, this group can help with that. They will guarantee loans of up to £100,000.

Enterprise Grant - New and expanding businesses can apply for grants of up to £75,000. They support growth of business, improvements to supply chain, research and development and offer awards for innovation. Call 0845 600 9006 for more information.

National Endowment for Science Technology Arts - You can get up to £70,000 financial support to help a team of up to 4 people turn an idea into a product or service. nesta.org.uk for more information.


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