Business Insurance providers in Ireland

There are a number of business insurance companies in Ireland that offer first class cover to their customers. Business insurance is similar to any other type of insurance and it pays to shop around before committing to any one policy. Make sure you use a comparison website, like Money Supermarket, to evaluate which policy is the best one for your company.

The AA is one of the leading business insurance companies in Ireland and they offer specific business insurance packages for a wide range of industries. For example, for hairdressers, there's the hair salon insurance package that protects against claims arising from a unsatisfactory treatment.

Other packages include portfolio insurance, shops and offices insurance, apartment block insurance and tradesman liability insurance. All AA business insurance packages provide premium financing for distressed companies and will cover legal expenses if the need arises. AA business insurance can be applied for online and there are no forms to fill out.

One of the most popular business insurance packages from the AA is their motor fleet insurance. If your business depends on a large amount of working vehicles, it can come in very handy. You get comprehensive cover and open driving on all of your vehicles with this package.

Aviva and Axa are two of the other main business insurance companies in Ireland. Both offer excellent business insurance packages, with Axa's in particular worth a look. Along with the standard buildings, stock and contents cover, you get some superb extras like increased loss of freezer contents cover and employee theft cover up to €5000.

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