Use the business loan calculator from Barclays to see where you stand

The business loan calculator from Barclays is quick and simple to use. It's on their website and is also free to use. If you're hoping to get some finance for your business from Barclays, it's highly recommended that you use the business loan calculator to work out a repayment plan that suits you and your business.

Business loans from Barclays are very flexible and any business can apply for one. Up to £25,000 can be borrowed from Barclays as a business loan and the money can be used for anything from working capital to property development to purchasing new machinery.

There are many benefits to securing a business loan from Barclays. If your business starts performing better than you expected, you can repay the loan ahead of schedule and you won't be hit with an early repayment fee, like many financial institutions do.

And you can avail of a six month repayment holiday at the start of the loan if your business needs some time to get off the ground.

Repayments on Barclays' business loans can be made over a 10 year period so you can easily manage the repayments. All Barclay's business loans charge a fixed rate of interest, which lets you know where you stand at all times with the loan.

If you're an existing RBS customer, you can complete the entire business loan application online on the Barclays' website. The process is really simple and you can expect a decision on your application within hours. Just remember to use the business loan calculator from Barclays before you apply.

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