Government business set up grants and information

Setting up a business requires a lot of finance and guidance in the first initial steps. You might find it difficult finding the funds to start your business or finding relevant information to help you along the way. Luckily, the government has a high interest in new business ventures of all types and have set aside a handy website with information guides, tax information, business set up grants and funding solutions. We'll also list the best places to find business set up grants if the government's own website doesn't offer any solutions.


Business Link is the official government website for all business information and business set up grants. They provide support for all businesses but are especially keen to help start up businesses; with a comprehensive list of finance solutions available and guidance on application forms, you'll be sure to find the right grant to suit your business needs. You can view the Business Link official site at businesslink.gov.uk.

Government Bodies

If you don't have any luck with the Business Link website, try looking directly to the governing bodies, such as:

  • Department for Business, Skills and Innovations
  • Department for Employment and Learning
  • Industrial Development Board
  • Scottish Executive (Scotland residents)
  • Welsh Development Agency (Welsh residents)
  • Enterprise Ireland (Ireland residents)
  • Industrial Research and Technology Unit

Each of these governing bodies will fund certain types of business ventures and ideas. You'll have more luck going to the right governing body for business grants and can find all the contact details from your  local directory or the DirectGov site.

Local Authorities

Your own local authority might have a scheme to develop new businesses in your area. If you're thinking about opening your business locally make sure you check with your local authority if any grants are available. Or, if you're setting up your business elsewhere, check with the local authority in your new business location. If a local authority is trying to enhance to bring business into their area then they may offer business set up grants to the right applicant; make sure you pay attention to the eligibility section of any application so you don't waste your time.

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