Worried about your washer? Buy insurance from Hotpoint for an old washer!

As you may or may not know, Hotpoint is one of Britains most famous appliance brands. They produce a wide range of products, such as washing machines, washers, fridges, ovens, tumble dryers and many more. And while their products are considered amongst some of the most reliable and durable out on the market, the age of the appliance can influence the likelihood and frequency of breakdowns. And if you have an old Hotpoint washer, then you may have already gone through this experience!

The problem with washer breakdowns is twofold - first, you dont have a washer until you can find an available repairman to come and fix it. Second, there can be a very nasty surprise when you are presented with the bill. In some cases, it could have even been cheaper to buy yourself an brand new washer!

So, how can you avoid these problems? Easy - buy insurance from Hotpoint itself for an old washer! This company has taken the initiative and set up its own insurance company, called Hotpoint Services. This company covers repairs of any Hotpoint appliance in the UK and Ireland. Boasting a team of 1000 technicians, these guys are on call to come and fix your washer any day of the week, including weekends and bank holidays. They have a fixed pricing system, so the price they quote is the price you pay-no hidden surprises. You can even opt for a 12 month extended guarantee that you can pay off over 10 months, completely interest-free.

How can I organise it? On way is by logging on to their website and register your washer on their database. All the details of your washer will be on record so the technician knows what to expect!  This service also entitles you to a free five-year parts guarantee. For more information, give them a call on +44 8448 24 24 24.

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