Where can you find buy now, pay later car insurance?

If you are looking to pick up a brilliant value car insurance policy that's also available to buy now, pay later car insurance (pay in instalments) then we've found just the site for you, and it's Privilege. So lets take a look at what they are offering.

In these economically troubled times, not many people have the money to pay off their entire car insurance premium in one lump sum. This is why paying it instalments is becoming a more and more popular choice. Unfortunately, not every car insurance company are offering this option yet, but this is where Privilege come in.

Anyone taking out a car insurance policy with Privilege has the option to stagger the payment of their premium, and will also enjoy a number of fantastic perks. These include up to 10% savings if you insure more than one car, a five year guarantee on repairs made by their approved repairers, named drivers earn their own "No Claims Discount", if you're hit by an uninsured driver your No Claims Discount will also be protected, there's up to 25% off your first year's breakdown cover, and a range of optional extras to suit your policy and needs.

Getting a quote from Privilege is simple, you just need to fill in their short quote application form on their site at privilege.com and you'll be saving cash on your car insurance in no time. Check them out for a brilliant deal on buy now and pay later car insurance!

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