Calculating Indian Gold Price Per Gram

Gold is always initially calculated in US dollars, which includes Indian gold price per gram. This is mainly because gold is one of the only commodities that is not affected directly by economic downturn - before the introduction of paper money, gold was used as currency across the world. It was only until receipts were used for traders to retrieve gold (rather than going back and forth to gold vaults for each trade) was gold separated completely from currency.

Originally, all banks had to have the same amount of gold in their vault as the currency in circulation; when it as released as an impossible task with growing economies, gold was no longer linked to money in circulation. This happened first in the United States, which is why we always calculate gold in dollars.

Despite gold being unaffected by economic downturn it's actually more influenced by the strength of the dollar, especially the Indian gold price per gram. No matter the value of gold in dollars, the Indian gold price per gram will always change depending on the strength of the dollar. Investors turn to gold in economic downturn to secure their finances - but if you convert a weak dollar to another currency you're likely to see the gold price change for your foreign currency. This can be a real hassle if you want to find an actual gold price.

You can, however, use real time websites to find live gold prices. The Indian gold price per gram will also be listed on these websites with an accurate price based on current currency and gold performance. Some of these sites are:





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