Don't risk not having campervan insurance in Ireland

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Many of the big insurance companies offer campervan insurance in Ireland. If you want to drive a campervan in Ireland it's a legal requirement that you have some form of insurance in place. While regular car insurance will cover your campervan in many cases, the unique aspects of campervans may dictate that you need a special form of insurance in place.

Campervans are terrific for taking on the open roads of Ireland and the views, especially along the west coast, are spectacular and make any holiday worthwhile. But while on holiday you face the added risk of theft or damage to your possessions. Any good campervan insurance policy should provide cover for your personal items while in Ireland.

The other thing to be careful about when purchasing campervan insurance in Ireland is that the policy provides cover for accommodation. If you're involved in an accident and the campervan need to be repaired overnight, you're going to need a place to stay. A good campervan insurance policy will include at least a few hundred euro for emergency accommodation, if it's required.

You're spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing campervan insurance in Ireland with many of the major players in the market offering excellent packages. AXA, one of Ireland's leading insurance companies, offers a fantastic campervan insurance package for €335. And you can avail of special discounts with AXA for the invaluable omniscout tracker. The tracker can pinpoint the location of your campervan to within a few metres in a couple of seconds in the event of a theft.

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