Can you get payday loans without giving your national insurance number?

Need a boost to your personal finances? Have you considered taking out a pay day loan? These fantastic products are available to anyone, and it's even possible to get payday loans without giving your national insurance number. So where can you pick one up?

The UK is positively awash with companies offering the best rates on pay day loans, but in our opinion, you'll get the best deal going to one of the more established Pay Day lenders on the internet, and they are the Pay Day Loan Shop at paydayloanshop.co.uk. This site is perfect for your needs, as they don't require your national insurance number to give you a brilliant quote on a pay day loan.

Pay Day Loan Shop are popular because they keep paperwork to a minimum. There are no credit checks to be completed, and there's no paperwork to be filled in. They even claim to accept a greater percentage of Pay Day Loan applications than any other company. You can borrow any amount from £100 to £1000 with them, and you'll often have the money into your account that day if you get accepted.

Their APR may seem a little excessive at 1286.2%, but this is comparable to every other provider on the market. To boil it down to simpler terms, you'll likely pay back £125 for every £100 you borrow. Simple eh? Check them out now for a brilliant deal on a Pay Day Loan that you could have today!

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