Flight Cancellation Insurance for UK holidays

Flight cancellation insurance for UK holidays is highly recommended in most cases. You might even be able to book this with your holiday package and it's certainly the easiest way to ensure you're not stranded anywhere because of circumstances out of your control.

EU guidelines for flight cancellation and insurance policies for UK holidays state that passengers on a cancelled flight but either be compensated or transferred to another flight. However, this does not apply in extraordinary circumstances. You'll be surprised how many cases of flight cancellation actually count as "extraordinary". In this case you won't receive a pay out for your flight cancellation insurance, leaving you far worse off than expected.

Circumstances like fog may even be considered extraordinary and could result in no payout or make a claim invalid. The rules regarding extraordinary circumstances are broad most of the time, so it's difficult to know whether you can still obtain compensation.

When applying for flight cancellation insurance for UK holidays you should always check the specifics of your policy, especially if you opt for an independent insurer. Some companies only cover delays; if your flight is cancelled then it is not considered a delay. If you flight is delayed for more than 24 hours it is also considered "abandoned" and counts as a cancelled flight, so you probably won't get a payout in those circumstances either.

However, some flight cancellation insurance policies for UK holidays will still offer compensation even in exceptional circumstances. The best way to ensure you'll always get compensation for a flight cancellation that wasn't your fault is to ask the insurer direct. Make enquiries about exceptional cancellation circumstances with your provider and don't take out the insurance until you're satisfied with the level of cover.

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