Cancellation and Curtailment Travel Insurance

There could be many reasons why a planned trip is cancelled or delayed. By taking out curtailment or cancellation travel insurance for this, you'll be able to claim back some costs associated with the cancellation, such as booking a new flight or claiming back money if a trip was cut short.

Different firms will offer different kinds of cancellation travel insurance policies, so you need to shop around for the best deal and try to find a provider that covers for most circumstances. For example, some firms may cover for every form of travel cancellation, from weather conditions to a fault at the airport, but they may not pay out if the fault was down to one of your party (i.e., lateness).


Trip Delay

As part of tour trip cancellation travel insurance policy you should try to find a deal that also covers you for delays. In the event you become stranded with no money for a long period of time you could claim on this cost, or cover yourself for the cost of buying a new ticket. Insurers will differ in what they will cover, but they'll mainly cover trip delays for the following reasons:

  • Bad weather;
  • Natural disasters;
  • Unannounced strikes;
  • Quarantine;
  • Lost or stolen money/travel documents (from your party);
  • Delay due to traffic accident on route (note that not all providers will cover this).



In the event your flight has been cancelled entirely you could receive a full or partial refund on part of the trip. If you can make arrangements to travel elsewhere with another company or on another flight, you could claim against the cost of buying new tickets. Most cancellation travel insurance policies will cover:

  • Cancellation due to natural disasters or hijacking;
  • Your party cancelling due to a fire or flood at your house;
  • Sickness or injury of one of the party members;
  • Being called to serve on a jury.

Most policies will not pay out for cancellation caused by:

  • A change in plans;
  • A change in financial situation resulting in an inability to travel;
  • Self-inflcited injuries;
  • Sickness or injury due to the use of illegal drugs.

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