Find the cheapest car brake down cover here!

Are you currently looking for reliable car brake down cover in the UK? Every day hundreds of motorists set about their daily lives only to be stopped suddenly due to their car breaking down. If this has ever happened to you, you will know how frustrating and costly it can be to get roadside rescue if you do not already have a car breakdown policy. If you require reliability, value and efficiency, we suggest you take a look at greenflag.com.

With over 40 years' experience in the UK market and a nationwide network of breakdown specialists, you can be rest assured that you can rely on Greenstar when you need them most. They fix 88% of breakdowns at the side of the road and are with their customers within just 30 minutes from the first point of call. Greenflag.com offer 5 excellent levels of cover to you.

  1. Rescue includes roadside assistance, local vehicle recovery, no callout charges and a free message service. This option is available from just £20
  2. Rescue Plus includes all the above but also includes the added security of home start. Rescue Plus is available from £45
  3. Recovery is available from £50 and includes all of the above plus long distant recovery.
  4. Recovery Plus is available from just £70 and offers you a range of options if your car cannot be fixed including accommodation or cash
  5. Euro Plus is the premium option with cover starting at £115 per year. You have all of the above but are also covered in Europe.

To get your own personal quote for cover, simply log onto greenflag.com

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