We check out reasonably priced car breakdown cover reviews

Looking to secure a brilliant deal on car breakdown cover reviews? Considering you probably spent a bundle on your Car Insurance, Breakdown Cover can be something of an afterthought. However, it's vitally important that you pay full attention to it, and take out a policy that offers comprehensive Breakdown Cover.

So where can you find reasonably priced Car Breakdown Cover online? Well, Insurance Comparison sites can be a goldmine for this sort of thing, and Money Supermarket, perhaps the pick of these comparison sites, have a comprehensive Car Breakdown Cover section that's well worth a look.

Money Supermarket offer three different levels of Car Breakdown cover, so you can tailor your quotes to exactly the level of cover you desire. Those three levels of cover are Platinum, Gold and Silver. So lets check out what each offers.

Platinum Cover nets you roadside assistance, Recovery to a garage, Recovery of up to seven passengers, Recovery to any UK destination, option to fix your car at home. Onward travel to your destination is included. The Gold Cover offers the same as Platinum but without the onward travel.

The Silver package strips a further few perks away, offering just Roadside Assistance, recovery to a Garage, recovery of up to seven passengers, and recovery to any UK destination.

Getting a quote from Money Supermarket for your Car Breakdown cover is simple, all you have to do is fill in a few short details and their online quote calculator does the rest - nice and simple!

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