Don't get caught out by car category insurance

Have you ever been shocked to discover that after switching cars your car insurance premium went through the roof? Car category affects insurance costs hugely. If you're looking for ways to cut down on the cost of your insurance, opting for a car that is classed as a low risk is a great way to start.

Insurers classify cars in different groups so they can easily identify the characteristics of each car and come up with a premium that reflects the risks they're taking on.

There are 20 groups that insurers place cars in. Group 1 is the lowest risk category with the lowest insurance costs and group 20 is the riskiest category with the highest insurance costs. Most family cars are placed in groups 6 to 12.

There are a number of different factors that determine what group your car is placed in and how much your insurance will be.

The cost of spare parts and how much time it would take to repair your car in the case of an accident have a big influence on the group it will be placed in. Cars that require expensive parts and a long time to fix will be placed in higher insurance bands with bigger premiums.

The performance and top speed of your car will also have a big impact on what category the insurers place it in. Powerful cars with large engines are involved in more claims with insurance companies than standard cars and are therefore placed in the higher categories.

The security of your car will also be examined. Cars that are equipped with the latest security technology can expect to be placed in the lower risk categories because there's less chance of the car being stolen.


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