The best providers of car finance in Ireland

If you're finally going to take the plunge and buy your dream car, then your thoughts have probably turned to how you're going to finance the whole thing. Well, in this blog we aim to show you which financial institution can help you out best with your car finance in Ireland.

It may toil in the shadow of the bigger Irish banks like AIB and Bank of Ireland, but right now, Permanent TSB are offering some serious bargains on their personal loan section, and it seems to us like it's the most painless way to put together finance for a car thanks to their value rates.

A loan from Permanent TSB can range in value from €2,500 to a maximum based on your income and the amount you are looking to borrow. Their terms are in line with every other financial institution in ranging from one to five years in length. However, in certain cases, they will entertain the idea of giving you a ten year loan.

To give you an idea of what this is like in real terms, their holiday loans are generally repaid over a year, while Home Improvement loans are paid back over three years.

The meat of any loan offer is the interest rates, and Permanent TSB loans come out extremely favourably compared to the competition. Smaller loans are subject to 14% APR, and larger loans sliding down to an APR of 12%. If you fancy the safety of insuring your loan, then Permanent TSB even offer this facility.

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