Where to find the best car insurance for under 21s

Paying for car insurance is heart breaking at the best of times, knowing that all that money will be for nothing unless something terrible happens to your car just seems perverted, and yet we have it relatively easy compared to younger drivers.

When you're under the age of 21, finding insurance at a reasonable price can be a real challenge. Insurance companies love to pull out the statistic that younger drivers are more of a risk than older ones, or that most accidents on the road happen with younger drivers during the night hours, but they neglect to take into consideration that most drivers, young or old, will rarely have an accident.

And while the statistics are on their site, it's tough to feel like you're not being discriminated against when you're searching for your first few insurance policies. Paying over a figure worth more than your whole car is a devastating thing to have to do once, never mind once a year until you can get your experience levels up to a reasonable amount.

In order to get the best quotes, it's important that you are willing to make a few concessions. Firstly, you might want to select a car that's befitting of your experience. You have all the time in the world to buy that lovely sporty number, or the high powered monster when you've driven for a few years, but buying it now will ensure you pay huge annual premiums just to keep it on the road. The same goes for modifications - don't bother or you'll pay through the teeth.

If you find a company specialising in car insurance for under 21s, and who have a special driving course that you can complete in order to receive a discount then take the course! It'll serve you well in the long run, plus you might learn a thing or two!

In order to find the best quote available for you online, we recommend you check out www.gocompare.com who offer a brilliant quote comparison service, and have a section specifically for younger drivers. If you use your head, and are willing to listen to what the insurance companies have to say, then there are definitely savings for you.

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