What You Should Know About Car Insurance: Adding Additional Drivers

Drivers should review the policy documents for their car insurance, pertaining to additional drivers. Some car insurance policies already have an "additional driver" clause, which allows various unnamed drivers to use the vehicle. This feature tends to come with an associated set cost.

If you prefer, many car insurance companies allow additional drivers to be added by name. Typically, individuals can add up to four additional, specific drivers to the insurance policy. This is a preferred option for some drivers, because it may drive down the costs of the insurance, whereas for others it will increase the costs.

Individual circumstances and driving record will have different impacts on the cost of the car insurance. Additional drivers with significant experience, no claims, and an extensive driving history will help lower costs, whereas insuring a young, inexperience drover -- or worse, one with several points on his licence and a long list of prior claims -- will increase overall costs.

Drivers should consider the impact on their own car insurance when adding additional drivers. Young drivers may benefit from adding their parents to the insurance, if the parents driving record is good.

Many car insurance policies will allow you to add an additional driver for a single day, two weeks or a month -- you don't always have to add them during the term of the policy. If you suspect an individual may drive up the cost of your insurance, consider if it would be more advantageous to add a generic "additional driver" clause, or whether to insure the person for a specific, limited time.

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