There's quality cover available with Alamo

Alamo Car Hire are one of the United States' biggest car hire companies, and as such, if you're taking a holiday to the States this summer, you might well be renting one of their cars. Insurance in North America is always important, so why not marry your car rental to some car insurance?

Depending on the level of your Travel Insurance, you may not be covered for any accidents that may occur while driving a rental car in the States. This is where Alamo's own insurance product comes in. The good thing is, their insurance is entirely optional. It won't be forced on you when purchasing, but there's no harm in being protected while you drive!

Alamo offer differing levels of cover depending on how much you want to spend. Their basic policy is the "Collision Damage Waiver". IT comes in three flavours, the Maxi Waiver Saver, the Waiver Saver 3000, and the Waiver Saver 500.

If you want to plump for one of these policies, we recommend the "Maxi Waiver Saver". It waives your responsibility for the cost of repair, replacement and loss of use of the rental car up to the full value of the vehicle. It also applies from the first dollar, so there is no deductible. It's the perfect peace of mind!

Alamo also offer a general "rental experience" insurance known as Carefree Personal Protection. It covers every aspect of your health while in possession of a rental car. Well worth checking out if you like your coverage comprehensive!

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