Getting quotes from car insurance brokers

Why use car insurance brokers?

By filling up a single application, you get quotes from tens or even over a hundred companies. Getting so many quotes is part of the comparison process to help you save money. If you do this one on one, it will be very time consuming. By going to a broker site, you get what you want at a fraction of the time.

Use a dedicated email address

When you are doing research like this, it is smart to use an email address that is dedicated for this purpose instead of your regular email. When you are dealing with a broker in particular, you have access to many providers. This can mean getting a lot of offers.

If having a new email address and a password is daunting to your memory, use a software programme to keep track. Roboform is recommended and it has a trial period. It stores all your logins and passwords for you. There are other free programmes that you can use.

When are the quotes received?

Instantly, in many cases. Otherwise, be sure to use a valid email address so that you may be contacted in that way.

Can these quotes be trusted?

These instant quotes give you a quick way to gauge the providers by prices during the initial stage. With over a hundred of these, you need a fast way to prune down the list to providers who can really meet your needs.

Which brokers to use?

Go to Q4.com, Swinton.co.uk and quotelinedirect.co.uk.

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