Trying to find car insurance brokers in Dublin?

Living in Ireland and wondering how you can bring your Car Insurance premium right down? More and more drivers are discovering the joys of using a car insurance broker to get lower quotes, after all, it's a win-win situation for you, they do all the hard work!

The United Kingdom market is saturated with Insurance brokers, with the likes of Compare the Market and Money Supermarket giving consumers a vast choice when it comes to insurance. However, the same choice just doesn't exist in the Irish market. This doesn't mean you'll be paying through the nose though.

One site is blazing a trail for Insurance Brokers in Ireland and that's Quote Me, which you can find at www.quoteme.ie. Quote me has been operating since 2006, marrying drivers to lower quotes and better insurance deals. So lets see what they can do for you.

Quote Me work like any other Insurance broker, they'll scour the market, including a lot of big name Irish insurance companies, to try and find you the best possible quote. It's possible to get a quote online from them by just filling in a few simple questions, and checking their eligibility section on their site at https://quoteme.ie/motor-insurance/MotorAssumptions.aspx.

They even have Young Drivers' policies covered with an excellent specific young driver's section, which you can find at http://www.quoteme.ie/young-drivers.aspx. Again, all you need to do as a young driver is fill in your details and check the eligibility section. Best of luck with your insurance hunt!

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