Where is the best place to find car insurance in California?

In the United States, like most western countries, it is written in the law that all drivers must have insurance if they are planning on using their vehicle on public roads. California law is particularly clear about the specifics required by each driver, stating that each driver is required, under California State law, to hold bodily injury liability of a minimum of $15,000 per person, up to a maximum of $30,000 per accident as well as a minimum of $5,000 in property damage insurance.

As with almost all insurance systems, the party found to have been at fault for any accident is deemed to be responsible for all the costs and damages, making insurance essential. In the event that you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, unless you have taken out a policy specifying coverage for this particular circumstance, you may find yourself facing expensive repair and medical bills. So, although it's not mandatory, it's certainly something you should give thought to when purchasing your next insurance policy.

The good news is that car insurance rates in California are actually a good deal cheaper than they are throughout the rest of the United States. As a rule, you can expect to be able to make savings of around $270 on average when compared to the accepted nationwide figures.

If you have a proven track record of being a reliable, safe driver then the savings could be even higher. There are certainly a number of factors that go into determining your car insurance premiums, but driving record, age and type of car driven are the main ones.

The best advice we can give you is to shop around. Find the best quote you can, and then use it to try to leverage some reductions from your preferred company. With so many insurance companies out there it's a buyer's market right now so you might be surprised how flexible they'll be when put under a little pressure.

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