Getting car insurance at a cheap price for young drivers

If you have just passed your driving test and bought yourself a new car, you are no doubt looking around in earnest for car insurance at cheap rates for young drivers. You have probably already noticed then that young drivers are often charged a lot more in insurance then older drivers. However, although age is a big factor in bumping up the potential price of your insurance, there are other things that affect it too.

The type of car you drive is very important when it comes to car insurance, if you have an expensive model or a vehicle with a large engine, this will almost certainly put your insurance up. This is because if you have an accident in an expensive car, the cost of fixing it is going to be much more more than an affordable car. A car with a large engine, moves faster, leaving you at a greater risk of having a speed-related accident. Therefore for the purpose of buying car insurance at a cheap premium for young drivers you should consider buying an affordable, smaller car.

Your age is what has the biggest influence on the car insurance you pay and there is nothing you can do about it except shop around for the best deal. Some companies have policies available that are designed specifically for drivers under 25-years-of-age. You can also reduce your car insurance by taking an advanced driving course. A survey of insurance companies conducted by the British School of Motoring found that many of those companies offered up to a 20% discount on their policy for a young driver with an advanced driving qualification. The test costs around £80 and could save you serious money on your insurance premiums.

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