Cheapest and Best Car Insurance Companies

Insurance companies offer car insurance policies to protect drivers as well as passengers from unforeseen circumstances. Potential liability could include car accidents, damage to property and potential injury to an individual. There are a variety of insurance companies in the United Kingdom. This provides for a variety of options for consumers to choose from.


Admiral Insurance has been offering motor insurance since 1993. Admiral is among the cheapest car insurance providers in the United Kingdom. This provider offers the multi-car insurance policy, where a driver owns two cars or more. Customers will receive a discount up to 23 percent. Additionally, Admiral sells cheaper policy rates for single-owner cars compared to other insurance companies. Purchasing online car insurance from Admiral allows customers to receive a 10% discount both for single or multi-car.


Churchill, one of the best companies in motor insurance, has won several awards as Best Motor Insurance Provider and Best Online Motor Insurance Provider. Its service quality is shown by covering policy holder and spouse as well as owners' belongings (comprehensive coverage only). Churchill's benefit includes a replacement car for vehicles that are 12 months old or below. Churchill offers policies that cover collision, theft and excessive liability.

Direct Line

Direct Line Insurance are car insurance companies that offer low cost car insurance policies. It has a discounted price for 12 months of insurance at the price of ten months. Customers who have multiple vehicles, they can receive an additional discount. Direct Line was awarded Best Direct Motor Insurance Provider and Best Online Motor Insurance Provider in 2005. One of its benefits is cleaning all repaired cars prior to returning them.



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