Get a good deal from car insurance companies not on comparison sites

You may not be aware of it, but by avoiding price comparison sites, you could save a bundle on your Car Insurance. Hard to believe eh? Well, there are some stunning bargains to be found from car insurance companies not on comparison sites, so lets take a look.

There are a few Insurance companies that prefer their quotes aren't available for searching on Insurance comparison sites. This isn't because their prices are high, it's because they want you to visit their site directly, and because of this, you're liable to find some amazing offers from them to entice you in.

One such provider is Direct Line, and you can find their site online at http://www.directline.com/motor. Direct Line offer quotes on all sorts of Insurance, and if you're willing to bundle your cover with them you'll make some outrageous savings. For example, if you take out Home Insurance with them, they'll give you a generous discount, and they will also offer you 25% off your Breakdown Cover if you bundle up.

Direct Line also offer a number of excellent features as part of their Car Insurance policies. These include, Vandalism cover that preserves your no claims discount, if you're hit by an uninsured driver they will cover your excess and maintain your No Claims Discount, and the cleaning of all repaired cars inside and out.

You can get a quote direct from their website, simply by filling in a simple online application form, so check out what they can do for you today!

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