Get a quote from a car insurance company in 2 ways

Which car insurance company should you choose?

Which car insurance company should you buy from? There are over 50 popular providers in the UK from A to Z. Here are some of them:

  1. American Express
  2. Bradford & Bingley
  3. Direct Choice
  4. Hastings Direct
  5. Insure The Box
  6. Screentrade
  7. Sheila's Wheel
  8. Yesinsurance
  9. Your Cover (from Allianz)
  10. Zurich Connect

How to get quotes

Contact providers directly

You can get a quote from each of these providers directly, one at a time, by visiting their respective website. With only 59 of them, you will need a quote from each one.

Contact an insurance broker

The other alternative is to obtain a quote from a car insurance broker. By filling out a single application, you get a reply with quotes from over 100 companies. Filling out the form typically involves answering a questionnaire in 2 steps:

  1. About the car
  2. About the driver

The third step is where you obtain your results. You can't proceed to the next step without completely filling in the form in the previous step.

Go to Bestquote.ie

This is a car insurance broker site that gives you quotes from over 20 providers only. You can call up for a free quote or use the web application form. If it is right for you, you may complete the whole process by purchasing your insurance through this site.

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