Best car insurance company in Cork Ireland

Car insurance is a vital aspect of owning and running a car in modern life. The correct car insurance policy is not just required by law but it will also help to cover the cost of personal injuries or damage suffered to vehicles in case of car accidents.

Finding an insurance provider who suits your lifestyle involves looking at factors like how many retail locations they have, customer support, free phone numbers as well as the cost of the all important premiums. This can be a long and complicated process.

Value for money is of course important, so the price will certainly be a key factor, but many insurance companies offer ancillary services as part of their cover. Extras like wind screen cover and courtesy car have become more and more common as part of insurance packages and should be carefully considered.

Being able to get in touch with your insurance provider is a key aspect of cover. Free phone numbers, longer office hours and out of hours assistance should all be weighed up when assessing coverage. An insurance company provides offices that you can walk into and speak to their agents face to face should not be undervalued.

For all of the above reasons we love Axa Insurance the car insurance company based in Cork, Ireland. Easy to get in touch with and talk to, they offer great coverage at very competitive prices. Talk to them face to face in their Plunkett street office in Cork City. Alternatively ring them on (021) 4271941.

Another option is Quinn Insurance. They too are a car insurance company in based in Cork, Ireland. Offering amazing customer care and excellent coverage, they are a company that every driver should speak to before renewing their insurance. They have a massive office in Eastgate Business Park, Little Island, County Cork and can be contacted on 1890 89 1890.

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