Where to find reasonable car insurance for learner drivers UK

If you're a learner driver looking to get a leg up on your first Car Insurance policy then you'll probably be aware of the fact that it can be a tricky process. You need a small bit of luck on your side usually to get a decent quote, but we've taken the luck out of it by finding you a company that specialises in car insurance for learner drivers UK.

If you're looking for a cheap quote on your Car Insurance, then you need to check out Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance at http://www.collingwoodlearners.co.uk/. Collingwood claim to be the UK's specialist insurer for Learner Drivers, and in our experience they consistently offer the cheapest quotes to learners.

They offer different types of cover too. If you are learning in somebody else's car, they offer short term policies consisting of seven days, 28 days, and even 84 days. If you are learning in your own car then Collingwood also offer a more lengthy 12 month policy at extremely reasonable prices.

The minimum policy you can take out with them your first time is 28 days, and you can take out this policy by getting a quote on their website, or by calling their UK based call centre at 0845 470 0014. All of their policies are fully comprehensive, and you're under no obligation to take up a policy if you get a quote. So check them out online today for a great deal on your first insurance policy!


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