Find the best car insurance for women over 25 here!

Are you currently looking for cheap car insurance for women over 25? There are many websites that specialise their car insurance policies to suit women drivers more than their male counterparts. It is a fact that most dangerous car accidents are caused by male drivers. So why should women have to pay more for their premiums? With sheilaswheels.com you pay less for your insurance in a specially tailored car policy to suit all the ladies in the UK!

With a Sheila's Wheels insurance policy you get a high level of cover for an extremely low price. Their policies offer some very generous benefits including:

  • Up to 75% no claims bonus discount
  • Free courtesy car if yours is involved in an accident
  • Handbag cover up to £300
  • Free 24 hour confidential counselling service available
  • UK call centre open 24 hours a day
  • Up to 90 days full European driving cover

As you can see, a Sheila's Wheels policy could be what you are looking for. You also have the option of adding some additional services at low prices to your policy.

You can take advantage of their breakdown assistance from as little as £20 per year with Greenflag. This is an excellent breakdown assistance provider who aim to be with all of their customers in just 30 minutes.

You can also add motoring legal protection, personal injury benefit or car hire benefit to your insurance policy. So if you are looking for cheap car insurance for women over 25 why not check out sheilaswheels.com

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