How to reduce the cost of car insurance for young drivers

According to the Department of Vehicle Licensing, the average insurance policy is around £900. The cost of car insurance for young drivers can be as much as double that figure, meaning a lot of young drivers pay nearly as much for their insurance as they do for a cheap secondhand car. However, if you are a young driver there are several ways you can try and reduce your chances of paying a lot for your car insurance. According to statistics provided by the Drive Safe government campaign, young drivers are responsible for one-third of all fatal motor accidents. This is largely why car insurance for young drivers is so expensive.

Each car is assigned to a specific car insurance group, generally speaking the lower the group, the lower your insurance payments will be on the whole. This is why it pays for young drivers in particular to purchase a sensible car until they have enough of a no claims bonus to get cheaper car insurance that way. As much as it may be tempting to add a rally kit or a turbo-charge to your car, these sorts of modifications will not go down well with an insurance company. In fact, car insurance for young drivers who have a heavily modified vehicle is the most expensive available.

Many young drivers are attracted to third party, fire and theft insurance as oppose to comprehensive cover. While it may be true that third party insurance is cheaper in the short-term, it may not be that way in the long term. Third party insurance only covers the other person's vehicle in the event of you having an accident that was your fault. Fully comprehensive insurance covers both your car and any other third party vehicles involved. It also protects you from lawsuits from individuals injured in a car accident you caused.

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