Car Insurance for Young Drivers

High premiums for car insurance are being blamed for 20% of young drivers between the ages of 17-20 not taking out cover. The Motor Insurers' Bureau(MIB) has estimated there are over 250,000 on the roads without insurance, with one in ten not knowing that it is illegal to do so.

Ashton West of MIB said, 'While we recognise the financial pressures for drivers taking to the roads for the first time, it is also a criminal offence to drive without proper insurance cover. More than £500 million in funds from law-abiding motorists are used every year to compensate people for property damage and personal injury as a result of uninsured drivers.'

Young drivers have also been finding ways to cut their car insurance premiums significantly, with a type of fraud called 'fronting'. In which they insure their car with their parent as the main driver and themselves as a secondary named driver. This practice however can leave the driver liable to possible prosecution and hefty bill costs to pay.

You can legally cut your premiums in the following ways:

  • by participating in a Pass Plus course
  • shop around for the best deal
  • only cover necessary drivers
  • take out third party insurance

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